Pawn Stars, les rois des enchères S06E13 Pop-art et baseball

Pawn Stars, the auction kings S06E13 Pop art and baseball (documentary) • TV Show & Replay

Mortgage stars : Pop art and baseball, Documentary (society) within 22 minutes from 2012

In Las Vegas, in the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the three generations of the Harrison family estimate the value of the items that customers present.

Pawn Stars Video


The Gold & Silver Shop is a pawn shop like no other. The three key figures, Rick Harrison, Corey, and his father Richard, run their Las Vegas business with an iron fist. Whether it’s an alligator, masterpiece, samleur or a gold tooth, Golds buys more or less crazy items. But they only agree to pay if they think they are reselling the goods at a profit. With each purchase, they take a calculated business risk.

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