Opinion: Forget the choice, the real scam was in the baseball playoffs

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By Steve Rodriguez

I do not want to talk about the last election. I’m tired of politics. It was a long campaign, and I am emotionally exhausted by all the debates, tweets and gatherings. Instead, I will discuss the last baseball season. I’m sure everyone knows the Dodgers won the World Series, but to get to the Word Series they first had to beat the San Diego Padres in a playoff series. Sure, if you’re a Dodgers fan, you’ll be very happy to beat Padres.

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But there’s one thing I want you to know … these games between the Dodgers and Padres in October were RIGGED. It’s outrageous. I’m here to tell you that the Padres were victims of a huge scam. I do not care what the lamestream sports media says. Padres won big, and a lot. I have a lot of evidence. A large pile of evidence. I look forward to showing it to you. The only way the Dodgers could have won, of course, was through cheating. I think Venezuela was involved. No, not Fernando Valenzuela. I’m talking Hugo Chavez Venezuela.

I hope you noticed that no fans were allowed to these games. The followers (also known as game watchers) are holy. And yet they were not allowed to participate in the games. They did not see all the cheating that was going on. It’s so unpatriotic. You must have game monitors. No game monitoring is bad.

As many of you may have heard, the Padres were ahead of the early innings in a couple of games. Opinion logoThe games were practically over. People called me and said, “The game is over and the Padres won,” and then suddenly the Dodgers moved forward. They had a run dump, which is not good. How could it have happened without cheating? The late races should not have counted. It was all rigged.

And I heard that all the points were made in Ukraine. On a scoreboard server that was once owned by Hillary Clinton, or Tommy Lasorda. There were many races that were reportedly scored by both teams, but no Americans got to see how the points were actually made. They say every time a Dodger runner crossed the plate, the scoreboard gave the Dodgers three extra runs using an algorithm. Shameful. I even heard that the scoreboard was built by the Communists, or George Soros. That’s what people say. Fantastic cheating. So many statements.

Several people have called me from other countries, very important countries, not just countries, and they were disgusted by the fraud that happened during this final series. They said to expect cheating when big city teams from blue states get to the playoffs. Terribly.

I can not believe FBI have not seen this cheat. Before, I thought B in the FBI was in charge of baseball, but now I’m in doubt. So sad.

And now the Attorney General claims that there was no cheating. Can I be honest? I’ve never seen him play baseball. What does he know? If I may be honest again, I do not particularly like experts, especially those who know a lot, but in this case, who knows? And by the way, did you see Dr. Fauci throw a baseball? This whole thing is messed up.

The Padres-Dodgers final series is far from over. I’m not ready to admit anything. They say that the World Series has already been decided, but I am willing to take this to the Supreme Court. The Dodgers started with nine, but I have the nine judges (or at least five of them) on my side.

San Diegans, I hope you will donate money to my “Cheating Dodgers are Outrageous and Baseball Stabbed Me in the Back” campaign. We have so much evidence. A large stack. I need more money. We’re going to win this for the Padres. Hurry up and send the money. I’ll let you see the evidence. So many statements. But send the money first.

Steve Rodriguez is a retired Marine Corps officer and high school teacher who last taught Olympian High School and Chula Vista.

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