Obvious.  From baseball to high school for crafts, wood and furniture

Obvious. From baseball to high school for crafts, wood and furniture

The students of CAP marquetry and woodturning were treated to an original introduction to baseball with the American baseball coach, Kandy Nelson, passing through Revel. High school of crafts, wood and furniture, the “CAP marquetry and woodturning” section had the privilege of welcoming Kandy Nelson, member of the French Baseball Federation and Vice President of Occitanie League Baseball, as part of Terre de Jeux 2024. Accompanied by their workshop teachers, Joël Mittou and Jean-Claude Grout and PE, Caroline Savignac, the students were introduced to baseball five, which is played with five people. After a historical presentation of baseball, the equipment, the specifications and the technical development, the students put into practice, beyond the rules of the game, all the strategy and tactics introduced by Kandy Nelson. The small student group was divided into four teams of five and got to experience baseball in the hand without a glove, with a bouncing foam ball. An experience that was played out on two small fields. They were thus able to appreciate a dynamic game through the quality intervention of Kandy Nelson.

At the end of the day, the students in turn presented the work carried out in the workshops in connection with the Terre de Jeux 2024. The speaker was particularly sensitive to these exchanges and admired the creative and technical potential of all productions. The next meeting is scheduled for the Olympic and Paralympic week, which will take place over half a day during the first week of February. Anyone interested in the students’ work on the Terre de jeux 2024 project will be able to visit the exhibition, which is scheduled for June.

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