No 2020 season gives Arizona Baseball more time to build pitching

No 2020 season gives Arizona Baseball more time to build pitching

As the Arizona Baseball team began preparing for the 2021 season, the Wildcats have had more time to build their pitching.

It’s been a long time since the Arizona Baseball team took on Baseball Diamond, but maybe that’s a good thing for the Wildcats, as they’ve had more time to develop their pitching staff.

As you may remember, after the 2019 season where the wildcats gave up a 6.21 ERA and 404 runs (338 earned), it was obvious that the wildcats desperately needed help with the pitching.

Of course, Arizona’s head coach Jay Johnson went out and brought in the famous pitching coach Nate Yeskie from Oregon State, which was a huge deal. However, it was only a start, the real work was still ahead.

Arizona then brought in many healthy arms that Wesley Scott, Garrett irvin, Bryce collides, Chandler Murphy, Dawson netz, Hunter tackles and transfer Davis Vainer among others. As a result, pitching improved almost immediately, improving from 6.21 ERA to 3.87 ERA.

Now given, the season was cut short before the cats got into the meat according to the schedule, but you could see a big difference.

Well, with the season cut due to Covid, it has given the Wildcats even more time to build their pitching staff.

There’s no doubt that Coach Yeskie is one of the best in the business, and giving him more time to work on his roster will only give the Wildcats a huge advantage heading into 2021.

Look no further than the development of sophomore Hunter Cope aka “The Slingin ‘Saguaro”, which reportedly can throw up to 97 MPH now according to fellow Wildcat Vince Vanelle.

The cats have also added some solid arms to help strengthen No. 8 overall recruitment class.

With the 2021 season still months away, Arizona may be ready for a big race, which for me is a kind of make-or-break season for Coach Johnson.

At Zona Zealots, we’re excited to see how the Wildcats play next season, and look forward to seeing the baseball action come back! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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