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Baseball – MLB – MLB: The Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers oppose

Tampa Bay and Atlanta could qualify for the World Series on Friday, but Houston and Los Angeles came out on top and extended the excitement in the league final. Will the Houston Astros advance to the World Series after being led three rounds to zero by the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League Finals? On Friday, the Texas series equalized three wins everywhere, after winning (7-4) against Floridians, No. 1 in the league. In MLB history, it was the only team that came back so far behind the Boston Red Sox. In 2004, they were on the verge of elimination against the New York Yankees, before winning four games in a row and then winning the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. also read All news about baseball In the National League, the Atlanta Braves failed to conclude, as they led three wins to one. The Los Angeles Dodgers, who have the best record in the league, won (7-3). Atlanta, however, has another chance to complete this series on Saturday. The next game between Houston and Tampa Bay will also be played on Saturday. The winner qualifies for the World Series.

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