New Uzbek law bans the wearing of baseball, softball bats except for sports purposes – Xinhua

TASHKENT, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) – Uzbekistan has tightened penalties for carrying non-firearms, known here as “cold weapons” in public places, including baseball and softball bats other than sports games, Uzbek police said on Saturday.

The new changes in the country’s penal code are aimed at ensuring public safety amid growing cases of young people carrying cold weapons, such as knives, blades or sharp metal objects, police said.

Officers confiscated 4,400 such items in 2019, but the number has reached 29,000 in the last nine months of this year, they added.

Under the new law, the production, display and carrying of cold weapons specially made or designed to inflict damage may be fined up to $ 210 or subject to a 15-day detention.

There is no specially designed field for baseball in Uzbekistan, as the game is not popular in the country. But in recent years, it has become fashionable among young Uzbek men to have a baseball bat at home or in the car as a means of self-defense. Enditem

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