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New baseball stadium | It requires a long-term vision - 98.5 Montreal
New baseball stadium |  It requires a long-term vision - 98.5 Montreal

New baseball stadium | It requires a long-term vision – 98.5 Montreal

The president of Milwaukee Brewers told the media during the 10th anniversary in Miller Park that the decision to include a retractable roof on their stadium was “the best decision in the club’s history.”

According to his estimate, almost one million more spectators participate in Brewers games each year, all because of the certainty of the presentation of the games.

Stadiums such as those in Milwaukee, Miami and Seattle maintain the look of an outdoor baseball field, while having the ability to open or close the roof.

The stadium must also belong to young people

Michel Laplante, great boss of the capital of Quebec, surprised many in the old capital when he decided to give Capitales Stadium a roof during the winter. But today we can say that he won his effort.

“For several months, nothing happened at Canac Stadium. For $ 3.5 million, we managed to make our stadium usable all year round. We have young people from sports studies who train here every day. We are talking about hundreds of young people every day, winter and summer. “

For Michel Laplante, it is crucial for Stephen Bronfman and his team to think about this as well.

“Montreal deserves its big baseball team, yes, but this stadium must also be able to serve them young people. What will happen during the 9 months that the professional team will not be there? I have no problem with the government getting involved, but it should be a necessary condition. “

As of today, there is no baseball field on the island of Montreal that is covered and usable in the winter for our young players. Bassin Peel Stadium could be the new baseball pole for the development of our hopes.

“On our side in Quebec, on a smaller scale, the stadium is still busy. Even though we are an OPO, we manage to pay off our loan and make a small profit, which allows us to reinvest equipment and the like. I believe that today in Quebec everyone recognizes the importance of having this type of infrastructure and the success that comes with it. “

In a recent interview with the Journal de Montréal, Douglas Toro (brother of Abraham Toro of the Mariners), now an employee of Baseball Quebec, indicated that the next Quebec players to come to bigger baseball are likely to come from Quebec, because they can train for 12 months in year.

Laplante is optimistic that Bronfman’s group will take this into account when the time comes to decide everything.

But apart from that, if Mr. Bronfman’s band wants to arrange concerts, fairs and many other events, the possibility of one day adding a roof is removable or extendable. This stadium must be profitable, and it is not less than 6 feet of snow in the winter that it will be.

The roof does not have to be operational from day one, but building it with the ability to add it eventually would ensure that we have all the options we need when that day comes.

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