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Mons: baseball bat attacks the blues and baptized
Mons: des agressions à la batte de baseball contre les bleus et les baptisés

Mons: baseball bat attacks the blues and baptized

The significant presence of students in the center of Mons will not have escaped anyone’s notice. If it is related to the resumption of classes, it is also justified by the organization of drawings within the various student circles in Mons. During the day and in the evening various activities are arranged … Which do not seem to suit all tastes. Some students – blue or already baptized – would actually be targeted.

In any case, this is what the baptized members of the circuit at the Polytechnic at the University of Mons suggest, and invite students to be extra careful. “Archivists had feedback that the attacks on the baptized had unfortunately resumed “, we can read in a message circulating internally. “A group of boys wanted to walk around Mons with a baseball bat and beat the baptized they meet. “

Some tips are therefore shared. “Remove the anchor glass when you get home (pens, tablets, flags, gowns). The police who take back bruises: ask them to remove the blue t-shirt / signs, and you also take off your police shirt. Do not go home alone and take care of yourself and your villains. ” So many tips that unfortunately must be followed to avoid being the subject of free and unjustifiable aggression.

Contacted, the Mons-Quévy police zone regrets that they have not been officially warned of such actions. “There was no warning at the level of the intervention and public order services, but we can only invite the victims to come forward and submit a complaint. Without this we can unfortunately not do much “, specifies communications manager for the site. Victims or witnesses of abuse can also inform the area about the place and time of the abuse.

This is as important as the complaint itself, because it will allow us to take action and lead the patrols more effectively. “ At this time of year, and especially because covid activities resume in Doudou, there are many patrols. But in spite of everything, it is impossible to put out a policeman on every street corner.

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