MLB |  The players refuse the owners' offer to postpone the season

MLB | The players refuse the owners’ offer to postpone the season

(New York) Major League Baseball to move on to training camp and regular season start on originally scheduled dates after players rejected a proposal on Monday that would have delayed the start of camps more than a month.

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“In light of the rejection of our Major Baseball Players Association proposal, and its refusal to respond to our revised offer this afternoon, we go ahead and ask our teams to report pending a start to training camp and season on the scheduled dates, with subject to the conclusion of an agreement on health and safety protocols, Major Baseball announced in a press release.

“We were able to complete a season in 2020 thanks to the Herculean efforts and the sacrifices of the players, team staff and Major Baseball staff to protect each other,” the Major Baseball authorities added.

“We want to do the same together when we work towards a safe and fun 2021 season. ”

On Friday, Major Baseball had proposed to the Players Association to postpone the start of training camps from February 17 to March 22 to start the season on April 28 instead of same month and reduce the schedule from 162 to 154 meetings.

Major League Baseball believed that the situation around the pandemic virus would improve during the one-month delay that has been proposed.

Each team was allowed to schedule up to 12 non-traditional double programs (one game during the day, one night).

The seven-inning rule in doubles and the rule that allows teams to start extra innings with a runner on the second cushion will continue in the second season.

As part of their proposal, Major Baseball officials had included adding four teams to the playoffs to increase the number to 14, and extend the designated hitter rule in the National League for a second season. Right, a project that the Players Association rejected on January 6.

“The Executive Committee of the Major Baseball Players Association reviewed and discussed the owners’ proposals over the weekend and today,” the union said in a statement.

“The unequivocal result of these considerations is that players will not accept Major Baseball’s proposals, instead will continue preparations for a start to the 2021 season in time and will accept Major Baseball’s commitment to advise their teams to prepare for a departure in tide. ”

“We do not take this decision lightly. Players know from experience how much effort it took to complete the shortened schedule for 2020, and we understand that there are major challenges ahead. We look forward to putting the finishing touches on improved health and safety protocols that will help players and teams tackle these challenges. ”

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