MLB player Goodwin holds baseball clinic at Rocky Mount High School ::

MLB player Goodwin holds baseball clinic at Rocky Mount High School ::

– Major League Baseball player Brian Goodwin is grateful for the community that raised him, the community that helped him go from a child with a dream, to a professional. That’s why he’s giving back this weekend as he explained on this week’s “Culture State” podcast.

“I want to be crazy not to come back and talk about it and tell my story and be able to give instructions to the next child,” Goodwin said on the ‘Culture State’ Podcast.

Goodwin takes his 10 years of professional experience through the minor leagues and majors and also calls on some special friends and sets up a baseball clinic at Rocky Mount High School this Saturday.

“I felt it was really a necessity for the kids to put on a face with a name,” Goodwin said. “I know how important it can be to be around people you look up to.”

Goodwin has seen its share of ups and downs. From being swapped, to jumping between the minors and the big ones, Goodwin wants to show the next generation of Rocky Mount baseball players how fun the journey is despite the difficulties.

“You have a gratitude for someone who is from the same hometown who does something you might want to do,” Goodwin said. “I felt there was a role I could fill that has not been touched yet.”

To register for his baseball clinic, go to

To listen to the entire “Culture State” episode, listen or watch YouTube below.

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