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Marc-Antoine Brûlé: from baseball to opera
Marc-Antoine Brûlé : du baseball à l’opéra

Marc-Antoine Brûlé: from baseball to opera

A native of Victoriaville, tenor Marc-Antoine Brûlé, who is in residence with the Atelier lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal, will perform on November 21 at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier. An opportunity to hear and see the man who made a career in opera.

In a telephone interview, Marc-Antoine explains that he lived for a few years in Victoriaville (where he was born) before moving to Quebec with his mother. However, his father Ghislain Brûlé is still in the area, in Maddington Falls to be precise.

He says that in the beginning it was against baseball he was on his way, during his studies in high school. “Then I injured my shoulder,” he says. This meant that he had to leave this sport and find a new passion, music (electric guitar) in this case.

This led to him doing a DEC in classical guitar at Cégep with, as a complementary element, we would have guessed it, singing. “At that time I had never sung in my whole life,” he emphasizes.

We must believe that he enjoyed it and did his university studies in singing in addition to most master’s courses.

Marc-Antoine Brûlé entered the Atelier lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal residence in August, allowing him to continue training and even offer shows such as the 21st of November. “We are 10 singers and 2 pianists in the house,” he adds. Therefore, for two to three years he will polish his talent at this opera cult venue in Quebec. “An extraordinary springboard for my career,” he appreciates grateful participation in this program, one of four of its kind offered in Canada.

A multidisciplinary

By choosing opera, Marc-Antoine did not choose the simplest or easiest art. In fact, the discipline requires, in addition to singing, doing theater, learning and understanding several languages, etc. “Wagner said it was the most total art,” he quotes.

This choice, he explains it by saying that he has this passion to want to sing, and this, for a long time. For him, the opera where we sing in full voice, without amplification, is a kind of emotional cry that comes to seek him.

Opera is mostly a lesser-known art, at least in Quebec, but that will give him, he hopes, a long career. “Rock singers, for the most part (with a few exceptions), have a fleeting honor,” he said.

With opera, age changes voice and body, so the cast also changes. He explains that in adolescence, and even a little later, the voice is not fully installed. “I am 28 years old and she is starting to stabilize,” he compares. It is therefore a work of life, where the physical, mental and artistic complement each other.

This career choice is likely to take him all over the world, into a freelance life. Because in Quebec, as we can imagine, there are not as many opera performances as, for example, in Germany (which has half of the operas presented in the world).

But it does not discourage Marc-Antoine who wants to make his place in this artistic field. He also has other projects such as composition or perhaps writing. “But at the moment I’m working on improving my song and playing,” he concludes.

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