Major League Baseball wants players vaccinated in the camps

Major League Baseball wants players vaccinated in the camps

Major League Baseball will postpone the start of next season to allow players to be vaccinated in advance, a proposal that athletes do not seem to agree with.

This was reported by the daily “USA Today” on Tuesday. The owners will thus be inclined to start the season in May, even if it means removing around twenty games from the calendar. However, the players believe that the 2020 season has been proof that they are able to follow safety protocols.

“I see no chance that training camp can start with protocols in place,” a National League owner told USA Today.

“I think there will be a lot of pressure on the players to get the vaccine before they go to training, and if we have to postpone the start of the season until April and play 130 games, then so be it. But to have 162 games and start training on a regular date without that the players are vaccinated is just crazy. ”

According to the agreement that was in place between the two games in the 2020 season, the players received the salary in relation to the matches played. If this rule should remain in place, they have everything to gain by starting the season on a regular date and pushing for a plan of 162 games.

For the owners, however, each game can represent extra losses if the fans can not participate in the games in the stadiums.

Price against the grain

However, this position of the Players Association is not unanimous. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher David Price, who has skipped the 2022 season due to his concerns over COVID-19, wants players to be vaccinated before the season.

“I would love if everyone in Major League Baseball could get the shot for sure. If it means starting later, then so be it. Everyone has said how difficult it was last year just to be able to play. It is not something everyone wants to relive. ”

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