Major League Baseball is coming to Rockland

Major League Baseball is coming to Rockland

By Matt Caputo

The Rampao-based New York Boulders professional baseball team did not play their typical Frontier League season this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it did allow Major League Baseball to film two commercials at Palisades Credit Union Park, both of which aired during the big series playoffs .

“MLB was referred to us as an alternative if an MLB field did not work. After a visit to the place, they were very impressed, “said Michael B. Specht, guide for the city of Ramapo. “They took some pictures, and then decided to use us for two separate commercials to play during the MLB playoffs.”

Palisades Credit Union Park was originally opened in September 2010 (originally as Provident Bank Park) and has a capacity of 6,580. Next to Boulders, whose tenth seasons were postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19 canceling the Frontier League calendar, is the home of the college teams of Dominica, Nyack and St. Thomas Aquinas at the stadium. In fact, several STAC baseball players and other locals were used as “faceless” extras in the two MLB commercials. “We are very proud to be selected, we have a beautiful stadium and we are thrilled to have it shown so prominently,” Specht told The Rockland County Times.

A number of commercials have been shot at Palisades Credit Union Park, but the MLB video that was produced was used as a intro to match three of the National League Championship Series. In addition to NLCS in video, the ballpark was the setting for a Lysol commercial that also ran during this year’s baseball post season. In 2016, New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera starred in a commercial for The Hartford Insurance Company, which was also filmed at Rockland County Professional Ballpark.

Boulders business partners who have signage in the ballpark have greatly benefited from the national visibility that this feature provided; as well as from the other commercials that have been filmed here, ”said Seth Cantor, The Boulders‘Vice President of Business Development. “We are always looking for ways to engage our business partners, especially in the low season. When I sent the feature to our 75+ business partners, the response was overwhelmingly positive. ”

Despite stopping in regular programming this year, has Boulders and local officials see the ballpark as a valuable resource for the county.

“Baseball stadium improves our society in many ways,” said Specht. “It is a beautiful, state-of-the-art venue that is a great setting for baseball and many other community events. Every year, many of our social, social, non-profit and educational institutions can use the stadium. ”

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