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Thetalking clock is a tool that lets you know the exact time in any country in the world. In fact, the hours vary from country to country. Created in 1933, the first automatic telephone broadcasting tool was created under the initiative of Ernest Esclangon. The device is based on the same principle as the talking movie. It was in France that the first bell rang on February 14, 1933.

Talking time: what time is it?

If you want to know the time in a given place until the next second, you can use the talking clock. This easy-to-use and accurate tool gives you the exact time, no matter where you are. Thetalking clock is an electronic tool that instantly gives you the time at any time of the day.

The interest in a talking clock

Without knowing the time, how would we know when it’s time to wake up, go to work or a date, or go to bed? The invention of the watch is a milestone in the history of mankind. It was from this moment that time passed at a certain speed, something man had not yet perceived until then.

For many years, the talking clock has been a tool that is both practical and easy to use. However, the time is different in each country, and if you want to reach a friend or boyfriend who is not in the same country as you and will make sure to call them during the day,talking clock is for you. The advantage of a talking clock is to be able to know the real time exact time, in a given location, as well as the time differences in each country in the world.

With a talking clock, you get the most accurate results, especially when your computer’s time zone map is not updated. The speech clock also finds its interest at the time of change from summer time to winter time Or vice versa.

How to access a talking clock?

What is the number of the voice bell?

To know the time in France or in another country, visit the website horlogeparlante.com. The website displays a window with a route to fill in the place you want to know the exact time. By filling out this route, you get the time in the desired country with one click. And on the site you also have the opportunity to listen to the time for free or call the number 3669 (€ 2.99 / call)

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