LHS baseball wins easily |

LHS baseball wins easily |

In the first game of the season, the baseball team Lakeview High School (LHS) skipped the entire visit to Rogue River on Tuesday, April 13 and won 10 – 0.

With a fairly young team, and not much of a pre-season or practice, Honkers managed to practice what head coach Murphy Cockrell preaches to his team with a small ball and aggressive base run.

Due to high school baseball rules, the game was called in the fifth inning when Honkers had 10 runs at the time.

The first round featured two goals, with Fletcher Damuth getting a key hit to score a race, while the Rogue River team struggled to get the Honkers out in the first couple of rounds. Rogue River Pitcher Caden Tognoni struggled in his first start of the season, in very windy, cold and at times wet conditions. Much different than the weather both teams had practiced.

Honker Pitcher Dayton Alves had control in the four innings he struck, and did not allow a hit. Neither he nor Gavin Patterson, who struck in the fifth inning, allowed a hit of the Rogue River. While Tognoni gave up nine hits, seven earned runs, three trips and six strikes. Alves had seven strikes and two trips. Patterson had three strikes and a walk. The hikers were the only base runners for the Rogue River.

Cockrell was pleased with the victory, and the way the Honkers were able to play small ball throughout the game.

“We performed a little ball and had some great two strike trends, with great record appearances from Damuth and Mac Graham. We have worked with base races and made sure that we are in positions to move forward, “said Cockrell.

In the second half, which blew the game wide open, Honkers managed to frustrate Rogue River by stealing bases and going for the extra base on each ball that hit the field. Since the baseball field is large, home runs will be rare, Cockrell said that being aggressive on the base paths is how the team should score.

Alves was dominant with fast balls and changes, while Tognoni fought to get Honkers out with departure speed and basket balls.

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