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Letter: Bragg's baseball legacy
Letter: Bragg's baseball legacy

Letter: Bragg’s baseball legacy

Of Angela Mink Korver

Updated: 11 minutes ago Published: 11 minutes ago

One of the very important parts missing in ADN’s article on Beth Bragg’s retirement was Beth’s dedication to the Alaska Baseball League, and her outstanding coverage over the many, many summers, and how important her work, especially as a woman, was to sports and Alaska. She ventured into all these excavations year after year after year to give these kids coverage, a lot of work to rely on, and to get their name in the newspapers before you could Google anything. She did a lot for the baseball boys in Anchorage and across the state.

As someone who grew up watching Anchorage Glacier Pilots, I did not always agree with her reporting on the boys, but I always read. And she gave so much of herself and those kids! She was greatly appreciated by all the baseball organizations in Alaska.

Thank you, Beth, for being there and writing these articles. These are the memories that have lasted a lifetime for the fans and those players. We wish you only the best in your retirement. I hope it is filled with sport and joy.

– Angela Mink Korver


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