Dylan Gleeson (à droite) a encadré avec trois anciens Cabs le stage de printemps qu

Les Andelys. A very well monitored baseball camp

Dylan Gleeson (right) oversaw with three former cabs the spring training camp organized by Andelysien Baseball and the Softball Club on Friday.
Dylan Gleeson (right) supervised with three former cabs the spring training camp organized Friday 23rd. April 2021 by Andelysien Baseball and Softball Club. (© L’Impartial)

During the school holidays it has Normandy baseball league organizes upper secondary education courses for children from 7 to 15 years. This makes its employees available on the ground for clubs that want to participate.

The Andelysien Baseball and Softball Club (CABS), iEure, did not hesitate for a single second to respond by hosting the event on the ground at René-Tomasini Stadium Friday 23. April 2021.

1 player from the France team and 3 former taxis

That day the league had sent out Dylan gleeson, receives several times champion for France in D1 with Rouen, but also a member of the French senior team to monitor the 14 children in this spring camp.

This coach of the Rouen Hope Center was assisted by three players who were all trained in the cab: Quentin Moulin, throwing champion in France in D1 in 2019 and potential selected in the France 23U team, Corentin Guillemin, a D2 outfielder in Rouen, and Gaëtan Moulin, the player of the Rouen D2 team and potential selected for the France 18U team.

Basic baseball moves

The various workshops allowed young people to practice the four basic baseball movements which are: hitting, throwing and catching the ball, but also running.

This is how Hugo, barely 10 years old, has played baseball for three seasons already, and knows exactly where he is going.

His whole family practices the sport with the bat “Mom, Dad, my brothers Baptiste 17 years and Louis 19 years”.

As for the latter, he went to study in the United States after winning a scholarship thanks to good performances in baseball.

Triple Game Challenge, Saturday, May 1st

The Normandy league does a lot to increase baseball in our region, and it is not in vain. Over the last fifteen years, Rouen has been 13 times French Division 1 champion.

The next meeting is set for this Saturday, May 1, 2021 at the René-Tomasini Stadium for the Triple Game Challenge intended for licensees aged 7 to 14 years.

The competition tests the youth’s skills in three themes: throwing, running and hitting and in four age categories: 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years and 13-14 years.

Each youth takes three tests, and the best players will be eligible to advance to the next stage at the regional level and then possibly appear in the national rankings.

Taxi contact: Gérard Moulin on 06 86 47 50 80 or gerard.moulin457@orange.fr

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