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Legends League Baseball program in Detroit in jeopardy after losing funding
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Legends League Baseball program in Detroit in jeopardy after losing funding

DETROIT – One of the biggest small leagues baseball Programs in Detroit may not be able to play ball after their largest donor withdraws funding.

Legends League Baseball has dozens of teams and hundreds of children playing, but they need help.

Garrett Street is the Legends League Baseball CEO, game planner, maintenance man and now the fundraiser.

“I am just nervous. Not for me, but for the kids, ”Street said.

He is nervous because the league lost its biggest sponsor. UAW-Ford was a big part of renovating Balfour Park on the east side of Detroit, and they hosted a big party for the grand opening of William Clay Ford Field on the west side. But during the federal investigation of some members of the UAWthe national program center – which funded programs such as these – was closed.


The money is now being used to train workers.

Street said there are no hard feelings, and without UAW-Ford the league would not have existed in the first place.

However, if anyone wants to play ball on both fields anytime soon, Street will have to raise $ 50,000 for maintenance, referees, equipment and more. It would allow up to 900 children to play in one season.

A GoFundMe is set up to help Legends League Baseball reach that goal. You can donate here.

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