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La Pocatière supports a second baseball field
La Pocatière supports a second baseball field

La Pocatière supports a second baseball field

La Pocatière supports a second baseball field

Especially claimed by smaller baseballs for several years, the project to give La Pocatière a second baseball field is about to come to life. On January 25, the City Council pledged to support this project up to a maximum of $ 180,000.

The president of the La Pocatière Minor Baseball Association, Martine Thériault, has welcomed the many developments in this file in recent months, in collaboration with the city of La Pocatière. These were partly caused by the archiving of the project of the Jays Care Foundation, which would accelerate the development of the country even more if the latter, currently in 2e analysis stage, was allocated part of the requested funding.

“Above all, we do not want to create false hopes for people, because it is a long time coming. But already, with the city’s commitment, we know that if we do not receive funding from the Jays Care Foundation, the project will not die in the bud. We just want to look at other funding options, ”the president explained.

Estimated at around $ 300,000, the development of this new “stadium” is planned on the vacant plot behind the École polyvalente de La Pocatière and the former Villa Saint-Jean, owned by the city for a few years now. The town of La Pocatière, through the voice of its general manager Cédrick Gagnon, nevertheless made it clear that it would not commit beyond $ 180,000, an amount conditional on the Minor Baseball Association finding other sources of funding, especially through a popular fundraiser, he said.

Proximity of the future land to the secondary school and primary school Sacré-Cœur means that Kamouraska – Rivière-du-Loup School Services Center has also shown interest in the project that can be used for educational purposes. The service center therefore said that it was ready to support the project financially, confirms the director of the Secretary General for Communications Geneviève Soucy.

The possible financial support will be a maximum of $ 50,000. Everything remains conditional on the signing of a memorandum of understanding and on the terms of access to this infrastructure for our students. This will still be defined at the right time, “she wrote.


The need for a new baseball field has been a theme for more than ten years at La Pocatière. The construction of the Bombardier Center in 2009, on what was once the “stadium” for smaller baseballs, put pressure on the schedule for the use of the only remaining field.

With the growing popularity of youth baseball – there were about 100 registered last year, a number that has increased regularly in recent years – and the addition of a softball league for adults, the need has grown. Giving the city a second country, if only to relieve the current country, Martine Thériault indicated. The latter, far too large, is also more suitable for the needs of senior baseball than young people, she continues.

“A second pitch would make all the difference. Already, by leaving, we would be able to offer our youngsters the number of exercises recommended by Baseball Quebec. After many years of work from current and former volunteers in the association, we are happy to see that the project is finally starting to be blocked, she concludes.

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