Kilian, from Carteret to Tokyo: Come and play baseball

Kilian, from Carteret to Tokyo: Come and play baseball

The Japanese city is divided into 23 districts and Kilian lives a bit far from the center. Reason ? property is very expensive. It is even slightly higher than our French capital, Paris. Besides the economic level, life is still pleasant in the Japanese capital. Clean streets, large green areas, the idea of ​​Kilian.

According to a poll, 80% of Japanese prefer the Olympics not to take place.

It should have been the event in the year 2020, it will be this year. Tokyo should welcome the 11,000 athletes to the Olympics. However, the Japanese are not necessarily favorable. In the question? Fear of an increase in COVID 19. Pollutants. According to Kilian, the Olympics are quite sensitive and that make headlines in the Japanese press.

The national sport here is baseball

Who would have thought that? The Japanese love baseball. Sports that could have been reserved for Americans, think again! Also, some Japanese players are trying to make a career in the United States and vice versa. Some Americans join the Japanese league.

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