Job advertisement: Seattle Mariners Professional Scout

Job advertisement: Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Systems Developer

Position: Developer of baseball systems

Primary focus: Toronto Blue Jays is looking for a talented and versatile developer to join our growing research and development team in baseball operations. In this role, you will help design and build software that supports users throughout the organization and influences areas such as player evaluation, scouting and player development.

The Blue Jays see diversity and equality at work as fundamental to creating a successful culture. Applicants who may not traditionally feel empowered to apply for a job in this field are strongly encouraged to apply. Feel free to include questions about the role in your application, or get in touch

To apply, please submit an application at the link below:


  • Work closely with the research and development team to add new functionality to our existing suite of web applications.
  • Help design and build new applications to take advantage of new data and video sources, technologies, internal research or to enable other organizational initiatives.
  • Contribute to code review, software testing, documentation and maintenance of internal tools and other collaborative software engineering tasks.
  • Participate in technical decisions that will shape the next generation of Blue Jays baseball systems.

Technical skills

  • Professional developer with experience in designing and building web applications or other software.
  • Highly proficient with at least one general programming language (Python, Ruby, Java, C #, PHP or similar).
  • Experience with basic front-end web technologies (HTML, CSS and Javascript).
  • Good understanding of database development and data architecture principles, strong working knowledge of SQL (especially MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL).

Core skills

  • Effective communicator – able to communicate with non-technical users to understand their roles and requirements and suggest appropriate solutions.
  • Strong problem-solving skills – finds pragmatic solutions to data and technical challenges within time or technology constraints.
  • Attention to detail – anticipates and identifies problems early, strives to produce reliable, high-quality work.
  • Invested in learning and gaining new skills, both technical and non-technical.
  • Passion for baseball and interest in statistical and analytical aspects of the game.

Preferred experience
We are more interested in your passion for software development and problem solving than your experience with any particular technology. The following technologies or fields reflect potential examples of projects that may come up for this role, and experience with some of them is beneficial but not necessary.

  • Web application frameworks such as Django, Flask, Rails or similar.
  • Data visualization using libraries such as D3, plotly, Three.js or ggplot.
  • Front-end Javascript frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue.
  • DevOps and CI / CD experience like Azure DevOps, Github Actions or similar.
  • Data manipulation, modeling and visualization in R or Python.
  • Experience with cloud services (Azure, AWS, GCP).
  • R or Python package development and distribution.
  • Unix / Linux system administration and shell scripting.

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