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Jacob Blake: James and the NBA apologize for the lack of lawsuits
Jacob Blake: James and the NBA apologize for the lack of lawsuits

Jacob Blake: James and the NBA apologize for the lack of lawsuits

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Los Angeles (AFP)

NBA players, led by LeBron James, and the Milwaukee Club, who boycotted a playoff game last summer after police shot seriously injured African-American Jacob Blake, on Tuesday lamented the absence of lawsuits against them.

“Finding out what happened today was a blow to my heart and gut,” James said after the Lakers’ victory in Memphis.

“LBJ” added that this battle was difficult “for any black person (…), but also in white society, for (the people) who see times like this happening”.

Earlier, he passed on a quote from Martin Luther King – “An unfair law is not a law at all” – and adds “NOT !!!”, to express his feelings at the announcement of the decision on the prosecutor responsible for this case who had revived anti-racist anger in the United States.

The superstar, like all other basketball players in the league, had threatened not to resume play in the Disney World bubble and had forced the NBA to be more proactive in fighting racial injustice, after this drama took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 23. .

Jacob Blake, 29, had been shot several times in the back in front of his three sons when he tried to get into a car. Severely injured, he lost his legs.

– “Disappointing” –

Very affected, the players from the Bucks, a Milwaukee club near Kenosha, started a boycott of the match two days later, engaged by other baseball and football teams, as well as by the Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka. .

The Wisconsin franchise also responded with a statement: “The Bucks strongly condemn the excessive use of force from law enforcement. The past year has shed light on the racial injustices our African societies face. Americans and other marginalized societies. These repeated instances of excessive use of force must end. ”

“As a club, we are committed to addressing issues of social and racial injustice and making meaningful changes,” Bucks added without mentioning Jacob Blake’s name.

Their former player, Wesley Matthews, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, said the prosecutor’s decision was “really disappointing”. “It is overwhelming as a human being that justice is not justice. It is difficult.”

Struggling to find his words, Utov Jazz star Donovan Mitchell said: “It’s sad to be at a point where we are no longer waiting for justice to be done for this kind of thing that affects you. It’s scary as an African American. is just discouraging. “

“We must continue to be strong, to believe in each other, to continue to push for a great change, for the good of all,” LeBron James said nonetheless.

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