'I had the bear spray and a baseball bat': Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio talks about the Capitol uprising

‘I had the bear spray and a baseball bat’: Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio talks about the Capitol uprising

Peter DeFazio is a Democrat from Oregon’s Fourth Congressional District. He has represented Oregon in the House for 34 years. He said Wednesday’s events were worse than anything he’s ever seen.

DeFazio was among lawmakers evacuated from the U.S. Capitol building when supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the building during Congress’ certification of the presidential election.

“This was a very dangerous moment,” he said.

Unlike the police, however, DeFazio said he expected things to get rowdy.

“I went to REI and bought a couple of cans of bear spray,” he said. “I knew something like that was going to happen.”

DeFazio went so far as to dress incognito for the journey to work on Wednesday morning, and to make sure he had reached the exits of the office, in case the audience became violent.

“I had a plan. There are three ways out. And I figured they would come in the most obvious way. I had the bear spray and a baseball bat. ”

He said he expected the Capitol police to be better prepared.

DeFazio is still hopeful that Democrats can achieve enough in the next two years to bring Americans who may have voted for Trump out of frustration back to the Democratic Party.

We need to demonstrate – and we will have two short years to do so – and bring back millions of people who are willing and willing to join these other more radical people, by giving them potential customers and jobs, better health care and a variety of issues. But now that we have a senate, we have a chance to do that, “said DeFazio.

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