Des vacances au rythme du baseball

Holiday to the rhythm of baseball

As usual, during the school holidays, C’Chartre’s baseball and sofball this week offered a baseball / softball course for their young licensees.

Supervised by Madeleine, Manu and Théophile, volunteer coaches and Philippe Esteban, employee, thirty-two players trained on the Bonville-Gellainville field, from 9 to 17, from Monday to yesterday, with no outdoor activities in the morning, given the Covid-19 pandemic.

Six additional licensees in recent months

Baseball softball is not widely used in France and is available to everyone. It can be practiced in a mixed team, and gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves individually in attack, while playing collectively in defense. It uses physical (reflex, speed, coordination, etc.) and mental (concentration, expectation, etc.) qualities.

“If the French baseball and softball federation shows a 10% drop in licensees, C’Chartre’s baseball and softball have welcomed six additional licensees in recent months,” said club president Manu Préveaux. Of the 140 local licensees, 90 are under 18 years of age.

A real satisfaction for the leaders who work to introduce young people in schools and leisure centers. Then, inevitably, the calls are born. Philippe Esteban indicates that he has initiated 2,500 young people a year with balls and foam bats.

Convenient. Website: Email:; The club is also present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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