Hockey Quebec and Baseball Quebec

Hockey Quebec and Baseball Quebec

Here we are in October, and as it has been for several years now, the autumns are becoming more and more beautiful in Quebec. During the next week, the mercury will reach 20 degrees and more daily, at regular intervals. This is the new reality of autumn in the province of Belle.

For this reason, the fall baseball leagues are becoming more and more popular in Quebec. In the Metropolitan Fall Baseball League alone, 46 teams are registered. Not to mention other leagues that host tournaments every weekend. It is normal, the good weather remains, and the parents want to let the children get the most out of it.

In short, the months of August, September and October are the cause of several planning conflicts between baseball and hockey. Believe it or not, some children start their hockey test camp in mid-August, when the temperature still reaches 30 degrees outside.

Children and parents are too often forced to make a choice: the baseball game or the practice of hockey?

When you consider that the training camp in the Montreal Canadiens does not start until mid-September, do you wonder why our children have to be on the ice in the summer when they can still enjoy the benefits of the sun?

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