He takes a bullet shot at 160 km / h in the head

He takes a bullet shot at 160 km / h in the head

He takes a bullet shot at 160 km / h in the head

An Oakland Athletics player was hospitalized after receiving a baseball in the face. Miraculously he got away.

Chris Bassitt was shot in the face.

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Chris Bassitt was shot in the face.

It was the catastrophic scenario for any baseball game, an extremely rare event as well: the pitcher of Oakland Athletics, a team in the North American Professional League (MLB), was hit head-on by the returned ball at full speed. (At more than 160 km / h) by the opponent’s batsman. A baseball? Almost as hard as a rock and potentially deadly when kicked back at full speed using a bat.

Chris Bassitt, A’s pitcher, had no chance to avoid the projectile. The distance between the mound where the thrower takes place and the opposing batter is actually only 18 meters. With a ball firing at almost 150 km / h and taking 400 milliseconds to reach the drummer, the reaction time is minutes.

Teammates and opponents in shock

Made and shocked, teammates and opponents feared the worst when they saw him collapse after he was hit in the head by the bullet. Last I heard, it did not hurt the pitcher’s eye, which was conscious, but further medical examinations have not yet determined the exact nature and severity of his injuries, said A’s manager Bob Melvin.

A year ago, pitcher Masahiro Tanaka (31) experienced a similar accident: he was also hit in the face by a bullet during the New York Yankees’ first official training session. He had come out of it with a concussion and great fear.

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