He signs a $ 340 million 13-year contract

He signs a $ 340 million 13-year contract

He signs a $ 340 million 13-year contract

Dominican Fernando Tatis Jr. has offered a juicy contract extension with the San Diego Padres in Major League Baseball.

Fernando Tatis Jr has something to smile about.

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Fernando Tatis Jr has something to smile about.

Fernando Tatis Jr. insured his old age. San Diego Padre’s baseball player since 2019, he has just extended his contract with the California team to … 2034. The 22-year-old Dominican will receive an average of 26 million dollars per season over the next thirteen years.

“People say it’s a lot of money, but I like what I see and what we do,” the player said as he signed the extension. I want to be on a team and build my heritage in San Diego. ”

In terms of duration, this is the longest contract ever signed in Major League Baseball. Tatis Jr. is the son of Fernando Tatis (46), a former professional who spent thirteen years in MLB, from 1997 to 2010.

Incredible Messi

The recent expansion of Tatis Jr. now allows him to enter the top 10 in the rankings of athletes with the most profitable contracts.

If this ranking makes room for baseball players, however, it will be dominated by footballer Lionel Messi, whose details of the huge contract with FC Barcelona were unveiled a few weeks ago.

1. Lionel Messi (football): $ 667 million over four years (2017-2021)

2. Patrick mahomes (American football): 503 million over eleven years (2020-2031)

3. Mike the trout (baseball): 426 million over eleven years (2019-2030)

4. Canelo Alvarez (boxing): 365 million over five years (2018-2023)

5. Mookie betis (baseball): 365 million over twelve years (2020-2032)

6. Fernando Tatis Jr. (baseball): 340 million over thirteen years (2021-2034)

7. Bryce harps (baseball): 330 million over twelve years (2019-2031)

8. Giancarlo Stanton (baseball): 325 million over twelve years (2015-2027)

9. Gerrit Cole (baseball): 324 million over eight years (2020-2028)

10. Manny Machado (baseball): 300 million over nine years (2019-2028)

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