Caray ready to broadcast baseball in North Alabama Local Sports

Caray ready to broadcast baseball in North Alabama Local Sports

Broadcasting has always been in the Caray family, so it seemed only fitting that Josh Caray would continue on the same path as his grandfather, father and brother, even though – according to Josh Caray – it took a little longer to find out.

“I started broadcasting at the age of 25,” he said. “I started late because I was not sure if I wanted to broadcast. But I got the opportunity to call games for the Rome Braves, fell in love with the sportscasting lifestyle, and it all went from there. ”

Despite the family’s history in broadcasting, he admits that he did not enter the business because of them, it was the organizational and social aspect of it.

“My grandfather did not influence me,” Caray said. “My father almost drove me from broadcasting, because there were many things about sports broadcasting that he did not like, especially the political aspect of it. As a result, I have chosen to be committed to local broadcasting. I like being part of an organization, a community. I prefer it over network appearances that my father and grandfather had, even though the money is not as big. ”

His grandfather, Harry Caray, a legendary Major League Baseball broadcaster, especially with the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs, spanned a 53-year career at the show. Skip Caray, the father of Josh Caray, is best known for his long career as a radio and television broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves.

And his brother Chip Caray worked as a play-by-play man for the Chicago Cubs from 1998-2004 and the Atlanta Braves from 2005-2009, along with many other broadcasting positions in baseball throughout his career. He currently holds the position of TV broadcaster for Fox Sports Souths and Fox Sports Southeasts coverage of the Braves and Southeastern Conference.

Josh Caray was hired as a play-by-play man for Rocket City Trash Pandas in May 2019. His other duties in the organization include advertising for Trash Pandas and hosting a podcast entitled “The Josh Caray Show.”

Outside of the baseball diamond, Josh Caray has and has had many jobs in the sportscasting landscape.

“I’m currently doing freelance work for Alabama Soccer and Volleyball on SEC Network +. “Before that, I was the football and men’s basketball radio voice for Stony Brook University on Long Island from 2015-19,” he said. “I played football and basketball one season at Birmingham-Southern University. I have also done completion work for UT-Chattanooga Basketball, and Presbyterian Football and Basketball. ”

The initial season for the garbage pandas was scheduled to begin in April 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to be pushed back to 2021. Caray said he is excited to get baseball going again.

“What I’m most excited about is getting the players on the pitch, seeing the fans in the stadium and getting the community back to ‘normal,'” he said. “Allowing the players to follow their dreams excites me. The fact that my colleagues have a job to do “Go to – and one they love to do, no less – excites me. And the fact that we’re giving our community a outlet other than Netflix and giving North Alabama professional baseball again excites me, too.”

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to having fans at Toyota Field this year, as it will be decided later, but everything seems to be in pace to start on time.

“As far as I can see from the numbers, it looks like we’re heading to a May 4 opening day in Chattanooga and a May 11 start date at Toyota Field,” Caray said.

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