Guy Fieri stops a sausage in an apple pie to make your baseball tastes explode – Marseille News

Guy Fieri has been asked to come up with a baseball food that will kick your taste buds with an outburst of energy flavors in the middle of the round. We have this.

Yes, an apple pie sausage. Now, conceptually, I can almost leave it to that. It’s all that salty / sweet, and the thought of bacon jam and pie filling with a sausage does not completely deter me. I actually tried this pretty well before we got to the last two stages of this thing. I know sprinkling sugar on an apple pie is an old hat, but I did not need MORE sugar on this thing, or mustard mixed with even more pie filling. That said, praise Guy for not putting ketchup on this.

Believe it or not, this is not just a gimmick made for Twitter. These apple pie dogs will be served at the “Field of Dreams Game” next week. Whether you want to participate in putting one in your face is a matter of taste. For some it will be the dreams and concessions of nightmares, but let it be sugar and mustard, then I will try it.

Who am I trying to fool? I have no respect for myself and I want to eat anything.

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