Great baseball: The Dodgers have been waiting too long

Great baseball: The Dodgers have been waiting too long

In the last week, there has been more action on the road than on the field. July is about the All-Star Game and the trading deadline. However, it is also a sad story that has been in the headlines for the last ten days.

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The one that involves Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer. It’s not pretty. He is under investigation for a history of sexual abuse of a 27-year-old woman. She even asked for a restraining order to prevent the athlete from getting in touch with her.

It is not just Bauer who is highlighted in this case. His team can be too. The police investigation started six weeks ago.

The leaders of the Dodgers organization knew about it and did nothing. They left Bauer by the mound as if nothing had happened. Oddly enough, the 30-year-old shooter had his worst month of the season in June. He was 2-2 with an earned average of 3.45.

Still, this is not the first time the Dodgers have had to deal with a tacky situation like Bauers. In 2019, the musty Julio Urias was suspended for 20 games for violating baseball policy in the main league for domestic violence.

Although he denied the information that was published, Bauer was certainly disturbed by what was going on off the field. This is quite normal, and we can think that he is discreet with his teammates.

MLB to the rescue

As in all cases of this type, the player should always get the benefit of the doubt. He has not yet been convicted by a judge in a court of law. If necessary, he will have the right to a fair and just trial.

Sportingly, the file was in the hands of the Dodgers and Major League Baseball. The Dodgers did nothing. Then, when leaders of major league baseball heard about it, de Bauer suspended for administrative reasons three days after the news came.

Even if he does not play, Bauer gets a good salary for staying at home. We remember that he signed a contract of 102 million dollars for three seasons before the start of the season.

Additional disciplinary action is to be expected. MLB has had a policy of domestic violence since 2015, and Disciplinary Prefect has not hesitated to crack down on a few occasions since it came into force.

Aroldis Chapman, Domingo German, Addison Russell, Roberto Osuna, José Reyes and Hector Olivera all went through the knob.

Popular pressure is on the Dodgers. In recent days, they have decided to remove all Bauer-branded products from their website. It is a step in the right direction.

Will they resist the temptation to release Bauer before the police investigation is over? That would not be surprising. Above all, it will be a decision to preserve the brand for the Dodgers. In the future, they must learn to be more proactive in this type of situation. It’s time for them to arrive in 2021.

An Alonso-Ohtani shock

I do not have much interest in the All-Star Game. I know that this is an event that is above all organized for amateurs. And that’s right.

On the other hand, I never miss the circuit competition. I’m always curious about the distance to hitters’ cannon shots. I expect a landslide of cycles when the event takes place in Colorado. The sphere is expected to travel more than ever on the evening of July 12.

There are several interesting candidates to win the competition in the group of participants. On the other hand, fans cross their fingers at the clash between Pete Alonso and Shohei Ohtani during the evening. Of course, all eyes will be on the two power hitters.

By the way, it’s such a shame that Vladimir Guerrero jr and Fernando Tatis jr do not participate. Their absence removes notoriety from this competition. It will be next time.

To supervise


The Nationals and Giants are in similar positions. Every victory is important for the future. Nationals surprise, and they are still in first place in the Eastern part of National. On the giants’ side, they now have company number one in the West Section. They were swept away by the Dodgers last week, and the losses have tightened the table. They are now neck and neck.

► Friday night, 21.45


By taking on the miserable Rockies, Fernando Tatis jr was able to reach the plateau with 30 homers before the break of the star game. That would be an incredible achievement. In addition, he could do it at home in front of his supporters. Why is it in the realm of the possible? Because the Rockies’ pitchers are easy prey on the road. The Rockies have only six away wins since the start of the season. We need say no more.

► Friday night, 22:10


Nothing is going well with the Chicago Cubs since the game without a combined point or hit on June 24. This achievement seems to have cast a bad spell on the representatives of Windy City. They lost 11 straight games before winning one on Wednesday. Things are not much better on the side of the cards if the record has slipped below the line of .500 in recent weeks. This duel will oppose two teams trying to get their heads out of the water before the break in the star game. To stay in the playoffs, they need to give a serious boost.

► Friday 14:20

In fire

Manny Machado was skipped for the All-Star game. With his heavy contract, he was to participate every year in addition to competing for the title of MVP. Has his pride been stung?

We can believe it. On his way into Thursday’s matches, he had an average of 0.455 in his last seven matches. During that stretch he scored 11 races, hit three home races and produced nine races.

Out of order

Some players have to look forward to the All-Star break. Seattle Mariners second baseman Dylan Moore must be.

On his way into Thursday’s matches, he did not have a hit in his last 20 strokes.

The worst thing is that he has trouble putting the ball in play.

He was knocked out 11 times during this painful stroke.

On three takes …

  1. Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins had a few weeks ago indicated that he would strengthen his enclosure. He kept his word by acquiring Trevor Richards in the deal that transferred Rowdy Tellez to Milwaukee Brewers. Will that be enough for the Torontonians to qualify for the playoffs? No. It will take something bigger. It would be a shame to screw up the success of this offensive that gives points in the spade.
  2. The name of the outfielder / pitcher Shohei Ohtani is still on everyone’s lips. What he has achieved since the start of the season is both phenomenal and impressive. It’s the story of the first half of a major league baseball season. Will we see other phenomena like him? It’s hard to say because it represents a unique combination. We have seen boxes succeed with batting, but never like him. The versatility of Ohtani is the envy of several formations, and we can understand them.
  3. The throwers are sometimes funny sparrows. We can place the shooter of the Reds Sonny Gray in this group who tried a new approach to get out of a difficult line. After four rounds of work where he had given two races to the Royals, he went to the team’s locker room where he became completely naked. Gray changed shirt, trousers, underwear and socks, but not crampons. Result of the races? He knocked out the last 10 hits he met.


This is the number of players from the Dominican Republic who will participate in the All-Star Game. A total of 22 players from outside the United States will participate in the classic that will be presented in Denver. A Canadian player will also be in the game. Which ? Vladimir Guerrero jr who was born in Montreal.

July 9, 1998


While the owner of the Milwaukee Brewers, Bud Selig officially earned the title of commissioner for Major League Baseball. The ninth in history. His assets in the Brewers team are placed in a trust account to avoid conflicts of interest. He orchestrated the exhibition at the Expos for Washington in 2004.

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