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four suspects charged after murder
four suspects charged after murder

four suspects charged after murder

They would have participated in a punitive expedition on Sunday 3 January. Four people suspected of being involved in the violent death of a young man in Saint-Ouen was charged with murder in an organized gang, the prosecuting authority in Bobigny announced on Thursday, January 7.

After four days in police custody, the four suspects, aged 22 to 28, were taken “before the probationer and charged on the head by the police. organized gang murder and attempted murder murder in an organized band“, he added. One of them was remanded in custody, added this source. Imprisonment was also required for the other three, but is still being studied by the judge. liberties and deprivation of liberty.

Three of them are already known to the courts, convicted of offenses related to drug trafficking. On Sunday around 10 pm, they allegedly went to the town of Cordon, known for being a hotspot for drug trafficking in Saint-Ouen. This is wherea group of about fifteen people attacked several people near an agreement point, specifically targeting the victim, a young man of 26, had related a politician.

The victim died after baseball bat and stab wound, according to a source close to the investigation. The scene was filmed by surveillance cameras, so it was allowed law enforcement to quickly arrest several alleged perpetrators.

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