Flavio Prata is introduced in the Repentigny Baseball Honor Roll

Flavio Prata is introduced in the Repentigny Baseball Honor Roll

It’s up to the previous owner, the governor and the chairman of the board in Royal de Repentigny, Flavio Prata, who deserves the honor of being the first personality incorporated into the new honor roll with baseball from Repentigny.

The souvenir plaque honoring the memories and major contributions of Mr. Prata to baseball in the region was unveiled this Saturday afternoon, in Champigny Park, during a ceremony launching the new baseball honorary role. Repentignois.

Repentigny rapporteur Chantal Deschamps, president of Quebec Elite Junior Baseball League (LBJÉQ), Rodger Brulotte, the team to Royal de Repentigny, Mr. Prata’s family members and dignitaries were present.

Involved in baseball for many, many years and president of Royal Since 1992, Flavio Prata has always been dedicated to the youth of Repentigny and LBJÉQ, a circuit in which the team operates. Unfortunately, he died of disease at the age of 72 in October last year.

An inheritance

The role of honor, a creation by Gilles Bienvenu from Global Image and Design Inc.., includes 5 categories: builders, officials, coaches, athletes and volunteers.

The latter is built in Champigny Park, with the city’s elite baseball field nearby, which happens to be home to Royal de Repentigny. Flavio Prata is the first and only induced in 2021 in the category ” Builders “.

We are proud to see this legacy of Repentigny baseball materialize, which will allow us to greet the commitment, dedication and talent of the women and men of the region who provide the influence of our city and their sport with great passion. », Said Mayor Chantal Deschamps.

A committee was thus established in 2020 and will each year be responsible for analyzing the files received by society for future inductions. This committee consists of city representatives, community volunteers, organization presidents and former members of associations working in the area.

Tribute to a devoted man

The idea for this wall comes from the Prata family who in 2019 wanted to recognize Mr. Prata for all his work.

We could not have imagined a better ambassador than Flavio to be the very first to appear on our honor roll in Repentigny baseball. This man with heart and passion has dedicated his life to promoting his sport and to the development of our youth, and for that we testify to him today the symbol of our deep and sincere gratitude. », Added to municipal council and president of Sports, physical activities and outdoor selection, Cécile Hénault.

For the Vice President of RoyalRobert Allard, this honor is more than deserved. ” I will describe Flavio Prata in one sentence: Flavio invested over 40 hours a week in baseball and Royal. The rest went to his main job. This man was unlimited and unparalleled “He testified.

The area of ​​Parc Champigny will also be named in memory of Flavio Prata. ” We wanted the tribute to this exceptional volunteer to be equal to his commitment to the baseball world and to our society. It then became clear to us that the country that was his second home for almost 30 years and which still hosts his Royal de Repentigny today, is named in his honor. », Add the rapporteur with emotion.

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