Doubs.  Baseball bat hits the street in Besançon: a man hospitalized

Doubs. Baseball bat hits the street in Besançon: a man hospitalized

What happened Friday night in Planoise, and Besançon ? A man was found seriously injured around 9pm, especially with an open fracture in his leg, between rue de Dijon and rue de Picardie. He was hospitalized shortly afterwards.

A little earlier, the ferry police had discovered what looked like a fight on the public highway. A fight involving four people who clearly do not respect curfew.

Significant alcoholism

After stopping three individuals, they grabbed a baseball bat. Object that may have been used to beat the victim. The three men involved in the alleged violence at the meeting are between 35 and 45 years old, according to a source close to the investigation.

We do not yet know the exact reasons for this fight. One thing is for sure, according to a police officer, the main characters were heavily alcoholic. At the water station’s police station, the three people were placed in a drunken cell. Heard for the first time by investigators on Saturday, April 17, they did not provide important information. “No defendant has admitted to having struck the blows,” indicates a source close to the file. Some will not even remember what they did. Police custody was extended Saturday night.

For his part, the injured person would be suspected of having used a stick during a fight. After hospitalization, he was awarded a medical certificate stating 45 days of total incapacity for work. Proof that his injury is very serious. Caregivers must have brushed his leg.

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