Development of two covered outdoor courses interrupted

Development of two covered outdoor courses interrupted

SPORT. The development of two covered outdoor courts at the Antoine-Masson baseball field next to the Gaétan-Duchesne arena has been canceled.

Development of two covered outdoor courses interrupted
Originally, the rinks were to be open on January 4. Photo with permission – Daniel Lirette

“Originally, the single-letter teams of the Hockey Quebec Center Association had to practice from January 4 to the end of February on these covered rinks. The new containment measures now make this project impossible, ”begins Daniel Lirette, general manager of the association and responsible for the Wendake sports complex.

He emphasizes that this idea came from a father who wanted to set up a tent with an ice cream in Quebec. “He called me on December 17. When he had to go through an organization to achieve that, we took his project further. “The whole day after, Mr. Lirette emphasizes, everything was done to facilitate the installation of the two ice creams and tents, while the hockey operations were the responsibility of the Hockey Quebec Center Association.

Development of two covered outdoor courses interrupted
Part of the equipment provided for the realization of these rinks. / Photo Metro Media – Alain Couillard

“The goal was to let the children play bubble hockey, which was previously allowed. Eventually, with the new restrictive measures, this became impossible. “
-Daniel Lirette

Volunteers watered the 45-meter-wide of 100 long rinks, about half the standard ice, on the evening of December 31st.

The general manager adds that each course was open on the sides to meet the city’s and public health requirements. “This would have allowed us to use them 100%, regardless of the conditions.” According to the planned schedule, the 1,200 young people from beginners to junior age could have trained once a week with their coaches at a speed of one hour and twenty minutes per team, ie 40 minutes per group.

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