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Cleveland Baseball Club to say goodbye to the name "Indians"
Cleveland Baseball Club to say goodbye to the name "Indians"

Cleveland Baseball Club to say goodbye to the name “Indians”

Cleveland Baseball Club to say goodbye to the name "Indians"

CLEVELAND – The quarrels are over. There is still a bit of bitterness and disappointment, but also the hope that often accompanies change.

Cleveland Baseball Club to say goodbye to the name "Indians"

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The Cleveland Indians are on the verge of being ancient history.

On Monday, one of the founding clubs in the American League will play its last home game in 2021, and also the last on Progressive Field as “Indians” – a name that was adopted in 1915, when “Shoeless Joe Jackson was the starting line-up for the home opener.

More than a single game resumed due to the rain against the Kansas City Royals, this last game played at home will mean the end of an era and the beginning of a new era for the organization of Ohio, which will be called the Cleveland Guardians next season.

It will take some time to get used to. The Indians are written in the DNA of the inhabitants of this city.

“I do not like to bet,” said longtime radio host Tom Hamilton about the future. But if I have to put a ratio for the number of times I say ‘Indians’ (as opposed to supervisors), I think it will be a million to one. “

After the last game in the campaign against the Texas Rangers on October 3, after which there will be no playoffs tomorrow for a club that has not won the World Series since 1948, there will be a transition period. The Indians – a name considered by some to be racist – will be replaced by the Guardians, whose new logo and uniform received rather lukewarm criticism in July.

At some point, Guardians goods will be sold, and the impressive “Indians” sign facing the left field of their stadium will be removed, a moment that many Cleveland residents never thought was possible until very recently.

The date of the disappearance of the “Indians” has admittedly been known for some time already, but some supporters are still struggling to accept it.

“It hit us hard when we walked (into the stadium),” said Kathy Wainwright of Elyria, Ohio, as she and her husband Mark ate on a food license before the game against the Royals.

Before entering the stadium, the couple strolled to the corner of Ontario Street and Carnegie Avenue, to take a picture of the main entrance above which is the illuminated word “Indians” who welcome supporters.

“I knew this would be the last time we would see him,” Mark exclaimed.

After all, the team is not planning a special ceremony to mark the last home game of the “Indians”.

Tom Withers, Associated Press

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