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Clermont -Ferrand Arvernes - Wikipedia
Logo du Arvernes de Clermont-Ferrand

Clermont -Ferrand Arvernes – Wikipedia

Created by Olivier Charlionet and François Dulphy, the club is the result of more than 5 years of baseball activities organized in the Clermont-Ferrand region. In a region that is very poor in clubs, the practice remains sporadic and struggles to develop. It will be necessary to wait 1995 for the club to participate in championships in Rhône-Alpes or in burgundy.

IN 1998, the club is at a turning point. He comes for the first time to participate in the final phase of National 2. Based on this success, but despite limited resources, the club joined National 1 in 1999 and continues the march forward.

IN 2000, the club has one of the most beautiful infrastructures in French baseball. the Cezeaux Stadium, located in the complex of the same name, allows night matches to be played in France for the first time and has, among other things, integrated automatic differential irrigation. The club then developed rapidly and employed one and then two employees.

IN 2006, the team finished last in Group C in National 1 with 5 wins, 14 losses and a draw[1]. It is this year that CER (Regional Training Center) is established which will enable the club, if senior teams see the level drop, to train talents that enable it to reach division 1.

IN 2007, Arvernes finished second in Group C in National 1 with 16 wins and 8 losses, giving them access to the playoffs. Clermont removes the title National 1 champion by hitting Compiegne in the final at Pessac and is promoted to Elite[2].

With 9 wins for 19 losses, Arvernes finished seventh out of eight in 2008, thus ensuring maintenance. Unfortunately, after a season 2009 catastrophically where they end up last, the Arvernes are relegated to National 1.

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