Cheating in major league baseball: products worse than steroids, according to David Segui

Cheating in major league baseball: products worse than steroids, according to David Segui

After using steroids himself during his career, former Montreal Expos flagship David Segui believes that the use of sticky materials by pitchers is a bigger plague than doping products.

The use of products such as Spider Tack – a cream that includes pine resin and rosin – has caused a reaction this season due to the superior performance of the molds.

Several observers have specifically claimed that the resin makes it possible to perform throws with a greater rotational speed on the ball, which provides a significant advantage for performing certain throws.

“I believe that the use of illicit drugs by launchers has a more direct effect on performance than steroids,” Segui said in a lengthy interview with the newspaper. USA today published Monday. All the players – and their brothers – used steroids, but not all beat the home team. “

Walk in the sand

The situation is nothing new, but has become worrying this year. There have actually been seven point- and hit-free matches since Monday, and only 14 hits have an average of over 300.

Thus, the big leagues decided last Monday to introduce a new rule that allows expulsion and suspension for ten days by a pitcher who used this type of drug. Since then, the statistics have improved to hitters.

But despite everything, Segui believes that the leaders have stuck their heads in the sand for too long.

“People [utilisant des stéroïdes] did not even hide it at the time, Segui said. Come on, no one could tell when we came back with a boost, 3% body fat and 20 pounds heavier. Is it true, are you telling me you can not see the difference? “

“It’s the same with these pitchers, nor did they hide what they did. The turnover rates were out of control, and no one cared until it started to affect the game. ”

Save your career

For Segui, however, it is not pitchers who chose this form of cheating. Seeing the performance of other shooters improves significantly and being the source of new and very lucrative contracts without being penalized, it is really difficult not to emulate them.

The situation was even more troublesome for the pitchers who tried to make a lasting impact on the baseball teams in major leagues and whose careers are at stake.

“Why not [le faire]? That is the mindset of an athlete, Segui argued. If the speed limit is 40 km / h but they are not watching, do you think people will still drive 40 km / h? “

“I do not try to justify it. We knew we were breaking the rules [en utilisant des stéroïdes]. But if I lose every race because I do not exceed the speed limit and the guy who breaks the rules wins the trophy every time, I either start to exceed the speed limit to win the race or I stop running. “

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