César Prieto, the best Cuban baseball player in the United States

César Prieto, the best Cuban baseball player in the United States

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Cuban baseball is still the victim of a dropout, as the national team arrived in Florida to compete in the US baseball team qualifiers for the Olympics in Tokyo. Eight teams from America are fighting for a place in the Olympics, and Cuba is starting this tournament without one of its best players.

With our correspondent in Havana, Domitille Piron

Barely arrived on American soil, César Prieto leaves the Cuban baseball team! At 22 o’clock, the talented and promising player from Cienfuego has left. The Cuban Baseball Federation confirmed this and commented on a decision “ contrary to the commitment of his people and his team, and which led to contempt for teammates “.

Cuba even claims to be a victim of human trafficking and had already had a long and difficult process of obtaining a visa to the United States. The young César Prieto is considered by some to be the best Cuban baseball player, so he could very quickly become jealous of the major American teams in the Major League, as was the case with several Cuban players.

César Prieto is far from an isolated case, because Cubans, unless they leave, can not play in the big American clubs.

However, an agreement had been reached between Major League Baseball and Cuban Federation in 2018, to allow them, but that was without counting on the sanctions of Donald Trump. Under these conditions, will the Cubans be able to qualify for Tokyo? When baseball returns to the Olympics after a 12-year break, and Cuba is the country with the most medals in baseball!

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