Big baseball: a circus that has to stop

Big baseball: a circus that has to stop

Last week, as part of this column, I talked about the new regulation on sticky substances used by launch vehicles. It was clear that there would be some adjustments to be made along the way, but within a few days it became a circus.

After receiving instruction from baseball in the major league, referees should inspect boxes they suspect are using sticky substances on the balls.

The regulation entered into force on Monday. The first day was dead quiet.

On Tuesday night, however, it all turned into an embarrassing situation that baseball in the major league did not need.

During this evening, the inspections of Max Scherzer (Photo) and Sergio Romo have gone wrong.

Scherzer has been inspected three times, including once on behalf of Phillies boss Joe Girardi.

He had no concrete evidence to appeal.

Scherzer gave the hat and glove to the officials.

He was even ready to drop his pants in front of thousands of spectators to prove his innocence. We even looked to see if the Washington Nationals jug had gel in its hair.

Still, he had only used resin and saliva to get the ball during his five innings.

He was in a good rifle, and we can easily understand him.

As for Romo, who plays for Oakland A, he threw his hood, glove and belt on the pitch as soon as he saw the referee approach him.

He also took off his pants without even being asked.

For the moment of one night, we would have thought we were in a scene from the movie The agent does the prank while Frank Drebin searches for all weapons. It borders on the ridiculous.


Major League Baseball must undergo the inspection procedure.

And fast apart from that.

I want to see something more discreet to avoid making fun of the situation and that respects the privacy of the players. We may forget it, but there are families in the stands. Seeing players take off their clothes to prove that they do not have any banned substances on their bodies goes too far. That’s not necessary.

There must already be some agents and lawyers who think that referees and major league baseball go too far.

They are probably thinking of a way to enforce the rights of their customers. It should come as no surprise that we are witnessing strong performances from the Players’ Association in the next few days. And the circus will continue to the detriment of the play on the ground.

Votto makes up

For a long time, baseball players had a bad reputation.

For many of them, amateurs were not important. They wanted to have the least possible interaction with them.

Fortunately, times have changed and we see an opening. There is hope. During a game in San Diego, Cincinnati Red’s first baseman Joey Votto was thrown out of the game in the first half after criticizing a decision by the home plate’s official.

What he did not know was that there was little Abigail in the stands. The girl was in her first game. His favorite player? Vote.

Her mother Courtney tweeted to the Reds with a picture of her daughter with her eyes full of water.

A few minutes later, a Reds representative went to give him a signed ball from Votto with the following message: “I’m sorry I did not play the whole match. “

Hours later, Courtney posted a picture of Abigail smiling from ear to ear with his signed bullet. Everything is fine It ends well.

To supervise


This week, the Diamondbacks won their first game since 1is June. A losing streak of 17 games. We can already bet that there will be a fire sale in the coming weeks, and they will take the trip to the 2022 season. In short, it is not the joy. At the end of the week, they meet the Padres who have an excellent streak. Another sweep in sight? It is very possible, especially when Padres tries to stay in the title race in the West Section.

► June 25, 22:05


We’ll see a duel at the top this weekend in San Francisco. The Giants and A are among the best teams in their respective leagues. Two teams that are similar to each other while their successes are collective. It’s not about one or two players. It will give a good series of good pitch duels and points built with the top and the spade. With the Dodgers and Padres chasing them, the Giants can not afford to relax.

► June 25, 22:10


It is not a very exciting duel on paper. On the other hand, this series is more important for the rays than for the angels. The Florida team has been in a bad streak for a week and needs to finish it to stay in the game. Manager Kevin Cash must hope that the arrival of Wander Franco will breathe new life into his team. As for the angels, their record is around 0.500 despite Mike Trout’s long absence. Thanks to Shohei Ohtani who is able to do anything on the pitch.

► June 25, 19:10

In fire

When we talk about Padres, it’s always the same names that come up in conversations. Jake Cronenworth is a big discovery this season. The other baseman contributes to the success of his team. In the last seven days, he has beaten four home runs and produced nine RBIs with an average of .400. It also posted a combined power and trail attendance rate of 1,523. He’s one of the reasons the Padres swept the Dodgers for the first time since 2013.

Out of order

Although the Yankees are on a good line, Gleyber Torres has a hard time beating.

Shortstop has only one hit in the last 19 appearances on the plate (before Thursday’s matches) for a huge .053 average. He was put in the mitten 10 times during this more strenuous stroke.

In his case, we can believe that it is a simple decline, and that it will return in the next few days.

On three takes …

  1. The Blue Jays have an explosive formation in case of crime. It’s scary with Vladimir Guerrero jr, Marcus Semien, Bo Bichette and Teoscar Hernandez. If scoring is not an issue, Jay’s needs backup at the mound. They are not equipped for a championship race. General manager Ross Atkins has his work cut out for him. He has acquired two relievers in recent days, but more will be needed. His team needs a start or two to support Hyun-jin Ryu.
  2. The Messiah has arrived with the Tampa Bay Rays. The one who was considered the best prospect in minor leagues, shortstop Wander Franco, made his debut in the major leagues this week. The young player has found a great way to make new friends with the rays. He slammed a three-run homer to level the game against Boston. Expectations are very high for Franco and Rays want him to be a big cog in their crime right now.
  3. Abraham Toro is back in the big ones with the Houston Astros. His excellent strike statistics with Sugar Land’s AAA subsidiary forced the hands of Texas executives. The Quebecer has a golden opportunity ahead of him, as third baseman Alex Bregman will be out for a long time. Toro has already been talked about for the right reasons with a defensive jewel and a good night on the plate. If he wants to stay in Houston, he must continue in the same direction.


The Brewers molds are good this season. This week, for the ninth time this season, a starter has thrown at least six innings while allowing a hit or less. Something we have not seen since 1901. A record that had been achieved during an entire season. Brewers will take this brand to another level.

Walker tons

Larry Walker saves the Colorado Rockies by hitting 10 homerunse inning, his third of the match, against the Cleveland Indians at Jacobs Field. Earlier, the Canadian outfielder hit long balls in the second and sixth innings against thrower Jason Davis. A few weeks later he was transferred to Cards de St-Louis.

► June 25, 2004

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