Baseball: the American dream of Vitréen Mathias Liminier

Baseball: the American dream of Vitréen Mathias Liminier

Mathias Liminier
Mathias Liminier (© The Journal of Glass)

In the Liminier family, we love baseball. Meeting with Mathias, 18 years old and passing by Corrigans of Vitré, who tells us about his career and goals USA.

News: What is your background, school and sport?

Mathias Liminier: A rather atypical school career because from CE2 I followed a double project that links music and education at the Jean Guéhenno school in Vitré, then at Gérard de Nerval college. After college I chose to study sports at the Creps de Talence (near Bordeaux) to practice high-level baseball with 20 hours of training, interpole and European tournaments (Pony league) and 20 hours of lessons. per week from the second to the last year to get my bac. The high level requires an investment of 1000% both sportingly and intellectually. You need to know how to balance sports and classes, and have an impeccable lifestyle.

How old were you when you started baseball?

ML: I started at the age of four in the Corrigans Club in Vitré where I was able to learn rules and techniques for 11 years while going through regional structures (CLE and CER). This allowed me to participate in the intermediate games with the Brittany team and then in the European Championships with the France team in 2014 and in several MLB camps. In 2017, I took the license with the Blue Jays in Saint-Aubin-de-Médoc (near Bordeaux) to play at the national level in the second division. In 2019, I was the winner of the 18U championship.

“Become part of the French U21 and senior teams”

What are your goals?

ML: My sporting goal is to continue to develop, whether it is physically, mentally and technically to find a place for myself in this new team. So in the more or less long term, become part of France U21 and senior teams.

At what level do you want to develop in the United States?

ML: In California, I will be developing at the CCCAA (California Community College Athletic Association) level in the regional university championship with Ventura College. The journey will be throughout California.

How will the adaptation go?

ML: Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, my school start was postponed until January 2021, but to register at this university I had to take English tests that I passed and discuss with the responsibility of international students.

“20 hours per week of training”

What position do you play? How many hours of training do you have per week?

ML: I’m a shortstop and receiver, so I train 20 hours a week plus weekend games.

Is the level very different from France?

ML: I do not know because I have not played with them before, but yes, I can expect a very good level given the baseball field in the United States.

“A complete sport”

Are you continuing your studies alongside sports?

ML: Yes to get a visa, I have an obligation to follow at least 12 courses, among other things I chose a welding company.

Are you still your original club in Vitré?

ML: Korrigans de Vitré will always be my training club. At the moment, while I’m waiting for this return, I’m training with them.

A message to a youth who wants to play baseball?

ML: Baseball is a complete sport, combining strategy and technique, which is worth discovering. If you want to play, go to Korrigans of Vitré, they will welcome you with joy on their new hill.

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