Le baseball reprend ses droits ce week-end: une saison historique attend les Brussels Kangaroos

Baseball takes back its rights this weekend: a historic season awaits Brussels kangaroos

Amateur sports competitions have been approved again since 9 June. While most team sports are on hiatus this summer, this is not the case for baseball, which is resuming rights this weekend. A relief for fans of the discipline and a club like Brussels Kangaroos.

“We are lucky to be among the first to take hold, and we are enjoying this moment that everyone has been looking forward to. After nine months without a meeting, we are finally seeing the end of the tunnel”,
says David Nielsen, President of Brussels Kangaroos.

The only baseball and softball club in the capital, the club based at Fallon Stadium, has resumed training in recent weeks, following the development of protocols. “We have adapted continuously. We first started training in groups of four, then we managed to increase to ten, and in recent weeks it is with a full team. It has been a sacred organization to get in place., A puzzle some times, but fortunately we come out of this period. Today is the time for good humor and general excitement. “

Nine layers, a first!

With nine teams registered in competition (a record for the club), Brussels kangaroos are preparing to experience a 2021 season that is both exciting and historic. “For the first time, we let’s line up three adult teams simultaneously in D1. We will also field more teams in D1 among young people, hoping to see one or the other shine. ”

The baseball team in D1 has big ambitions. “We are entering this season with players keen to take part in the battle for the top spots and a team made up of high quality ghosts and young people. We will start this Saturday with the reigning Belgian champions, anything but a gift, but I ‘want to do well will be there. ”

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