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Baseball Stadium: What does Denis Coderre play?
Baseball Stadium: What does Denis Coderre play?

Baseball Stadium: What does Denis Coderre play?

Denis Coderre had to make himself a “mayor” and speak clearly about the project to build a new baseball stadium in downtown Montreal, as the project is sponsored by the wealthy Stephen Bronfman, owner of the firm Claridge Investment, and main promoter of Groupe Baseball Montréal.

Question: Mr. Coderre, are you positive about the financial participation of the city of Montreal in the construction of this second sports stadium? Yes or no, Mr. Coderre? It takes your answer now. Not the day after this election campaign.

Mayor Valérie Plante was open about this project. His position? There is no doubt that she will see the city participate in the financing of this project.

Election transparency requires that the candidate Coderre, himself a big fan of the possible baseball in Montreal, can stop playing ostrich and tell us the truth about his position regarding the financing of the ambitious construction project for the baseball stadium in the heart of Montreal.

After putting his feet in the dishes with “his” electric Formula One race where he completely lacked transparency, the former mayor Coderre should know that it is not politically profitable to avoid the so basic question. That its attitude to the financing of this project baseball stadium in the center of the metropolis.


Thanks to my colleagues from Newspaper, we learned that the ambitious project to build a stadium in Montreal’s Peel Basin to accommodate a professional baseball half team is progressing rapidly.

The plan would allow the Tampa Bay Rays to play half of their “home games” in Montreal.

That rich promoters want to build at their own expense a new sports stadium in downtown Montreal to “pay” half a baseball team when they manage to get a full team … I have absolutely nothing against it.

But Bronfman and his partners from Groupe Baseball Montréal (Alain Bouchard from Alimentation Couche-Tard, Stéphan Crétier from Garda Word, Mitch Garber, ex-president of Cirque du Soleil and Ceasars Palace) do not want to “pay” for the stadium. .

They want us, the taxpayers, to fund the baseball stadium project in the city center.


And unfortunately for us, it is a safe bet that these rich promoters will succeed in snatching hundreds of millions of dollars in public funding so that they can realize their dream.

How? ‘Or what? Through the government of François Legault, who according to his finance minister Pierre Fitzgibbon is in discussion with the promoters.

The challenge for the Legault government in this case is to find the mechanism for how it would be “socially” profitable to finance (directly or indirectly) the realization of the ambitious project, whose stage would be in a new real estate development.

To show you how far the project goes, you should know that Caisse de dépôt a location, through its subsidiary Ivanhoé Cambridge, is currently involved in the search for a financial solution.

Ivanhoé Cambridge President and CEO Nathalie Palladitcheff says she is ready to contribute to the project to build a new baseball stadium in downtown Montreal, but she adds, no matter what the cost.


The three opposition parties (Liberals, Solidarity, PQ) think it is unacceptable to provide public funds for the construction of such a sports stadium.

In my opinion, this is even more unacceptable given that the government of Quebec itself owns a magnificent Olympic stadium worth five billion dollars.

I remember the pretext evoked by the baseballs of the Baseball Montreal Group not to bring professional baseball back to the Olympic Stadium: its distance from the center.

Let us see! We are talking about a distance of 6.5 kilometers between the central station and the Olympic Stadium, which is also served by the subway and the buses … And parking is easy.

Group Baseball Montreal: The famous New England Patriots, from the NFL, play at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, 35 miles, as the crow flies, from downtown Boston!

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