Baseball Stadium: Quebecers do not want public money for the project

Baseball Stadium: Quebecers do not want public money for the project

Sixty percent of Quebecers oppose the idea of ​​Quebec donating public money for the construction of a baseball stadium in Montreal, a project led by the wealthy Bronfman family.

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This reveals a survey conducted by the company Léger on behalf of Newspaper. It was conducted between March 26 and 28 with 1,000 respondents across the province.

In the CMA area of ​​Quebec, 60% of residents do not want the state to get financially involved in this multi-million dollar project, which aims to bring back a professional baseball team in the metropolis.

For the Montreal CMA, the data are similar, with 59% of respondents rejecting the idea of ​​government engagement.

Last week, the Canadian Taxpayers’ Union also found it insane that Quebec could support this construction.

“It is not for Quebec taxpayers to pay for a new stadium for a wealthy group of investors to enrich themselves with a sports team,” said Renaud Brossard, director of Quebec.

According to the survey, 42% of the population is in favor of returning Expos to Montreal, less than one in two.

“When it comes to financing, the vast majority of people are against it,” Newspaper the president of the company Léger, Jean-Marc Léger. “I believe that if private investors withdraw the demand for public money, the level of support will increase,” he continues.

Quebec is open to the idea

In recent days, it should be remembered that groups involved in this stadium project, including the Claridge Fund, have registered in the lobbyist register to be able to meet officials in various departments to receive a financial contribution, where the amount remains to be determined.

When asked about this topic, Prime Minister François Legault even opened the door to fund this construction. He believes that the arrival of a professional team can create new revenue for the state.

If the Expos club returns, according to the Léger survey, 46% of Quebecers plan to attend one or more baseball games.

Of this percentage, 26% of respondents would go “maybe watch one or two games a year.”

The non-majority even in greater Montreal

  • Montreal CMA: 59% mot
  • Quebec CMA: 60% mot
  • Other regions: 60% mot

Source: Léger survey conducted among 1,000 Quebecers between March 26 and 28


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