Baseball Stadium Project in Montreal |  Bronfman's group must pay property tax, Plante and Coderre say

Baseball Stadium Project in Montreal | Bronfman’s group must pay property tax, Plante and Coderre say

Montreal mayoral candidates Valérie Plante and Denis Coderre agree on one point in the baseball file: if the new stadium project is born, Stephen Bronfman’s group will not be entitled to property tax leave. He will have to pay the usual property taxes according to the value of the stadium.

Vincent Brousseau-Pouliot and Philippe Teisceira-Lessard

For example, a stadium worth around 580 million in the Peel Basin – as estimated in 2013 by Mr. Bronfman’s group1 – will cost around 20.7 million in property taxes in 2021, according to estimates from Print based on current property tax rates for commercial buildings in the Sud-Ouest district, where the Peel Basin is located.

“Yes [le groupe de M. Bronfman devra payer les taxes foncières d’un stade]. Just as other sports facilities pay their taxes, I do not see why they should not pay. I think that’s the right thing to do. I do not intend to use Montreal’s money to pay for a stadium, said Valérie Plante, head of Project Montreal, in an editorial interview with Print earlier this week. Mme Plant said baseball stadium owners had to pay property taxes on the actual value of the land and the building.

People have to pay their fair share [de taxes foncières]. We will wait to see what happens [dans ce dossier] and we will work accordingly.

Denis Coderre, in an editorial interview with Print

Mr. Coderre also recalled that Mr. Bronfman’s group had indicated that they would not seek public funding from the city of Montreal for the construction of a baseball stadium.

Montreal Baseball Group, a group of businessmen led by Mr. Bronfman who want to have a large baseball team in the Montreal timeshare with Tampa Bay, did not remember. Print Thursday on property tax for a future baseball stadium.

Baseball Stadium Project in Montreal | Bronfman's group must pay property tax, Plante and Coderre say

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Two cautious baseball candidates

Another point in common between Valérie Plante and Denis Coderre: they are very careful during the election campaign as they approach the baseball stadium.

If the project goes ahead, Mr. Bronfman’s group will build its new stadium on federally owned land (Canada Lands Company) in Peel Basin. In practice, the city of Montreal must consent to the buyer acquiring it, since it has a veto over the land by virtue of its right of first refusal.

Should the city reserve this land at Peel Basin for a baseball stadium? Neither Valérie Plante nor Denis Coderre want to answer this question yet.

There is no project on the table, I can not place myself on a hypothetical project.

Valerie Plante

“I met with the Montreal Baseball Group and told them what the needs are,” he Facilities. It has been [le rapport de] OCPM [l’Office de consultation publique de Montréal], but I took the trouble to remind them of what he had in this consultation about the importance of it being a living environment, that there is no environment that is empty and where there is nothing left. . It is such a strategic basis. We need housing, we need work poles, access to banks, greener, land for schools. They know all this. ”

Denis Coderre says he has not thought about the issue of the Peel Basin country. In any case, Mr. Bronfman’s group is currently discussing with the Quebec government to get a financial contribution to the stadium project, he observes.

“Right now the ball is in Quebec,” said Denis Coderre. We let the helper, Mr. François Legault, take care of the file. I have no answer [à la question du terrain]. I want to see what the Quebec government will do first. It’s not in my priorities at the moment. If everyone wants to work, the city’s role is not to be annoying. It is also to be a stakeholder in this file. If it’s a good record, I’ll take a good look at it, and I’m not saying no. […] I love baseball, everyone knows that. We must be responsible in the management of public funds. ”

If the project is realized, Mr. Coderre will not just have a baseball stadium in Peel Basin. “We want to create the city of Le Havre, 20,000 [logements], something mixed with innovation, not just putting on a baseball stadium, he said. In the other stadium projects it is [logements], shopping, entertainment. ”

1. The report commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce and Business People (including Mr. Bronfman) talked about a stage of 500 million in 2013. With inflation, it gives 580 million in 2021.

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