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Baseball Records and Baseball Record Books

Major League Baseball Records

Baseball is the only professional sport where every single thing that every player on the court does is recorded – good or bad. Mark McGwire even once commented that during the seventy home-made seasons, the media counted the number of cups of coffee he actually drank each day.

The Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a unique collection of baseball record books that will bring these “cups of coffee” to life and keep you updated as baseball records fall.

baseball almanac quick facts

Is there a record book you want to see listed? Please Email Your requests and Baseball Almanac will do research. The record books in this section are updated daily with the help of Major League Baseball, Elias Sports Bureau, ESPN Stats & Statistics, SABR members and Sean Burrill – an expert on baseball records.

Only four players in baseball history have ever had 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases during the same season – do you know who they are?

Can you name the active players that are slugging of average managers? How about base percentage leaders? Search the baseball record books and see which active players (names are shown in bold) are Major League holders.

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