Baseball: not for the public to pay for billionaires

Baseball: not for the public to pay for billionaires

It is “indecent” to ask for public funding for the construction of a baseball stadium in Montreal in the midst of a pandemic, condemns philosopher and author Alain Deneault.

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“If this project was profitable, there would be investors to participate,” he said on Wednesday at the microphone of Benoît Dutrizac on QUB radio. We socialize the losses and privatize the profits as usual. “

“Put the money in the pockets of those who circulate it in their community, instead of putting the money in the pockets of people who then channel these funds outside our law,” the author of the book added. ”.

The actors behind Expo’s return project are far from lacking financial resources. The Bronfman family has a fortune approaching $ 3 billion dollars. In 2017, Paradise Papers also revealed that Stephen Bronfman and former Liberal Senator Leo Kolber would have created various schemes to hide $ 60 million in tax havens.

“All large corporations have understood that it is by integrating their accounts into structures in tax havens that we avoid paying our debts to a state from which we always ask for more,” Alain Deneault insisted in an interview.

“It was Canadians who created the most important tax havens in British Caribbean,” the author recalled.

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