Baseball - MLB - Cleveland abandons name "Indians", considered racist, to rename "Guardians"

Baseball – MLB – Cleveland abandons name “Indians”, considered racist, to rename “Guardians”

The Cleveland baseball team announced its new name, “Guardians” on Friday, after dropping the previous one, considered racist by several Native American groups. Cleveland gave up the name “Indians” to give the Guardians a new name. The announcement was made on the team’s Twitter account on Friday in a video message from team fan actor Tom Hanks. On the website, the club explained that this new name was chosen with reference to the statues adorning the Hope-Memorial Bridge, located near the stadium, after interviewing more than 40,000 supporters of the club and seeking advice from Indians.

The team logo is now a baseball encapsulated in two capitals G with a wing, “Inspired by the winged helmet” carried by statues of the bridge. Cleveland had already given up its logo “We recognize that this name change will be difficult for many of us, and that the transition will take time.”, franchise owner Paul Dolan admitted in a letter to supporters, specifying that the actual change would come at the end of the current Major League (MLB) season. Known by this name for more than a century, after adopting it in 1915, the Indians announced that they were leaving in December 2020, under pressure from Indian and progressive influence groups. In 2018, the franchise decided to abandon its logo, “Chief Wahoo”, a stereotypical caricature of Indians. also read Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, Native American franchisees under pressure In 2020, the American football team in Washington had also given up his name Redskins (Redskins) after 87, for the same reasons. The final new name is not yet known. Several professional clubs still bear names related to Native Americans in the United States, including the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Club, the Atlanta Braves Baseball Club, and the Kansas City Chiefs American Football Club. also read All news about baseball

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