Baseball minutia and trivia including a few Boston goodies

Baseball minutia and trivia including a few Boston goodies

Red Sox and baseball trivia goodies

Hugh Daily became the first pitcher to throw back-to-back one-hitters. In 1950, Red Sox got 1,027 races. They finished third. Imagine having the name Lady playing. Lady Baldwin earned the honor thanks to her virtuous demeanor – no booze, babies or bad language. The perfect “lady” for the time.

Duke Farrell was a great defender back in the primitive days of baseball. He holds the record for eight that were stolen in a game. Conversely, branch Rickey – noted baseball boss – was a catcher but a better leader. Rickey has the dubious distinction between allowing 11 steals in a game.

In 1914 former Red Sox outfielder Gavvy Cravath led NL with 19 home races. Everything at home. The Red Sox own the AL record with the most hits in a round – 14 against the Tigers in 1953. The Red Sox also have the most hits in a row in a round of 10. Bound with more.

Red Barrett threw a complete game with just 58 seats. Shortest night game (1:15) in history? Barrett’s 58 pitch games. Bruce Sutter (68-71) is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Maybe the 300 savings have something to do with it?

And poor Tommy John (288-231, 3.34) is absent from HOF. Bobby Mathews has more victories (298) than any pitcher who is not in HOF. Tom Connolly and Bill Klem were the first judges incorporated into the HOF. Train Red Sox Sam horn had a remarkable game with Os piffing six times.

Dave Orr was a career. 342 hits, but played only eight seasons. 30 years old, Orr suffered a stroke and never played again. Jimmy Ryan hit. 308 over 18 seasons with 2,513 hits and is not in HOF. Jim Devlin had a unique 1877 season from the mound. Devlin threw every single round in every game. 622 IP in 68 games.

Gee Walker played 15 seasons and was a savage at the bases. How wild? Walker was once picked out of base twice in a row. Helen Britton was the first female owner when she inherited the cardinals. Britton owned the cards for seven years. Joe Borden is credited with throwing the first no-hitter.

The Baker Bowl in Philadelphia had a small hump running through the field that was the result of an underground train tunnel. Guy Hecker had a great season on the mound in 1886 and went 26-23. Oh … And Hecker also won the .341 batting title

Joe Nuxhall hit a game when he was 15 years old. Satchel Paige hit a game when he was 60 years old. Paul Hines is the first recorded Triple-Crown winner.

Oakland As swept 341 bases in 1976 for an MLB record. The Washington Senators stole only 13 bases in 1957 for a new record.

Candy Cummings is reportedly the first pitcher to master a curveball. Larry Corcoran, Tony Mullane and Ice Box Chamberlain all hit in one game. Shibe Park (1909) was the first stadium for concrete and steel. Burleigh Grimes was the last spitball player to play. He retired in 1934.

Stan Musial had 1,950 career hits both at home and on the road. Joe Sewell struck out 114 times in 7,132 at-bats. The Giants once defeated the Phillies in a 6-1 game that only took 51 minutes to play. Evar Swanson of the Reds was set at 13.3 seconds and went around the bases.

Oh, Vey! Lip Pike is reported to be the first Jewish player and also the first Jewish manager. He set the stage for Hank Greenberg by leading the league four times in home races. Mazel tov! Arlie Latham had been retired for 10 years, but entered a game at the end of the 1909 season and stole a base. Elder plays to get an SB.

Bid McPhee led all other basemen in doubles 11 seasons and field percentage nine seasons. The last season he led in felting was his first glove. Jack Quinn was almost 46 years old when he became the oldest pitcher to hit a home run. Joe DiMaggio had 361 home runs and 369 strikes.

Babe Ruth had a five-hit game as a pitcher and never as a position player hitter. Dean Chance was a great pitcher, but as a hit Chance hit 0.069 with 420 whiffs. Rabbit Maranville got its nickname from jumping around the field like a rabbit.

The Reds’ Sam Crawford hit 12 inside the park’s home run in 1901. Ty Cobb hit nine for the 1909 Tigers. The Cleveland Spiders 1899 lost 134 games. Dazzy Vance is in HOF to win 197 matches. Everything achieved after 31 years. 17-year-old Japanese Eiji Sawamura knocked out four future HOF players in a row in 1934. Dwight Eisenhower played nine minor league games (.355) in 1911 under a supposed name. Common to college students at the time, targets of cadet violations.

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