Baseball : Louis-Philippe Pelletier passe des Cardinaux aux rangs professionnels

Baseball: Louis-Philippe Pelletier moves from cardinals to professional ranks

Utility player Louis-Philippe Pelletier, who played last ball season with the Saint-Jérôme Cardinals, has signed a one-year deal with Trois-Rivières Aigles of the Frontier League.

It is an independent professional circuit that replaces the Can-Am League and where the Eagles will play their first season there in the summer of 2021. The two leagues merged their activities in 2020, but the pandemic has put the circuit on pause during the summer. It collects items younger than the previous Can-Am.

Pelletier, a 24-year-old Montreal athlete, 38th round selected by the San Diego Padres in 2014 and 20th round in 2016 by the Houston Astros, becomes the fourth Quebecer under contract with the Trois-Rivières team.

“I have mainly been a left and right fielder since my years in the college ranks, but the Eagles prepared me to help in 2e goal. I am open to all possibilities. Since signing, I have consulted program lists for other Frontier League clubs, and I have recognized several names of opponents facing the Astros branch. I expect a very strong caliber ”, said the former from Seminoles State College in Oklahoma.

With the Saint-Jérôme Cardinals last year in Quebec Major League Baseball (LBMQ), he maintained a stroke average of .360.

“I was treated well by the group of cardinals. I liked the atmosphere of the club, although the season was shortened to ten games, given COVID. I asked the cardinals to stay on the list. I want to experience the less professional ranks, but the possibility that one day I will return to LBMQ and Saint-Jérôme is real ”, he predicted.

In 2018, during his final season in the Quebec junior ranks, with the Montreal Orioles, he beat the batting average record of .515. So, before he achieved this impressive mark, he had played a season in the network of subsidiaries of Astros, at the rookie level, in 2016.

“I had the chance to see him at work last summer at LBMQ. I’m looking for motivated players who will succeed, and Louis-Philippe fits into this type of people. He is athletic, strong, intelligent and fast ”, said Eagles manager Matthew Rusch. “ His ability to play in multiple positions is a great resource. It will be up to him to show us at the training camp what kind of hitter he can be “, he added.

In Saint-Jérôme, the departure will leave a big gap

“I am very happy that he has moved from senior management to independent professionals. There will always be an open door for him here. I admit that for 2021 it is a loss for the Cardinals, because he was one of the nine starters. We planned to bring him back to the infield ”analyzed the head of the cardinals, François Rousseau.

In particular, Louis-Philippe participated in the popular reality show Occupation Double (South Africa) in the autumn of 2019.

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