BASEBALL: last training before the Sunday tournament!

BASEBALL: last training before the Sunday tournament!

National sport in many Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands, baseball in Guyana has been evolving for ten years. This Sunday, three teams from Cayenne and one from Kourou will meet in Mirza for a tournament that will take place throughout the day.

“Baseball has been played in an organized way in Guyana for more than thirteen years. In recent years we have really formalized our organization and have no less than three men’s teams in Cayenne and one in Kourou; as well as a women’s team and a team for young people. We are starting a two-month tournament that starts this Sunday at 10.30 in Mirza. Some Sundays the competition starts in the afternoon at 14.30 “indicates Téophilo Cleto Paula, coach of the team Calma del movimiento.

With around a hundred players, baseball in Guyana continues to gain recognition. Meet on Sunday morning from 10.30 in the Mirza roundabout to follow the competition.

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